Transitional Language Program

The Transitional Native Language Instruction (TNLI) program at Eagleton Elementary is aligned with the Denver Public Schools ELA (English Language Acquisition) Department’s philosophy. The goal for Eagleton is to help Spanish speaking students to have a successful transition into all-English instruction. This begins with teaching Spanish-speaking students in their primary language.  They also benefit from daily sheltered English lessons and ESL instruction. Spanish-speaking students are gradually transitioned into English instruction based on individual progress and specific needs. The evaluation criteria for the transition of these students includes: the CELA English proficiency test, and other informal assessments.

To assist in teaching native language support instruction, teachers collaborate with their grade level colleagues to utilize creative methods of grouping students for various subject areas. The native support classrooms also benefit from the assistance of Spanish-speaking paraprofessionals. Bilingual material and resources are available in the classrooms, the library, the resource room, and the computer lab.  Eagleton has at least one teacher in every grade that teaches in Spanish and English.